Welcome to Warwick Debating Union

The Warwick Debating Union is the Public Debates branch of the Warwick Debating Society. Throughout the last academic year, the Union established itself as the host of some of the most engaging, animated and thought provoking events at Warwick.avatar size logo.png

The Warwick Debating Union aims to expose Warwick students to the important issues affecting our society. Inviting external speakers onto campus, the Union provides the unique opportunity to hear the opinions of high profile experts on a diverse range of topics. As such, the Union consistently holds large audiences at our events as well as an active following on social media. Our events are an important part of the student calendar at the University. We have the pleasure of hosting several wonderful speakers including Helen Goodman MP, Ryan Bourne (Head of Policy at Institute of Economic Affairs), Oliver Cooper (National Chairman of Conservative Future) and Meg Munn MP.

The Warwick Debating Society is one of the largest societies at Warwick with over 300 members. It is one of the most successful debating societies in the country, winning many national tournaments as well as reaching the Quarter-Finals of the 2015 European Universities Debating Championship.

Warwick Debating Union prides itself on offering all events free of charge. For more information please browse our website or email us at warwickdebatingunion@gmail.com.

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