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Chair Akash Sharma


21st February 2013, This House Would Spend and Stimulate – MOTION CARRIED. 


Professor Marcus Miller – Economics Professor at the University of Warwick specialising in Macroeconomics and Global Finance. Former Economist and Consultant at the Bank of England, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and European Central Bank

Abinhay Muthoo – Head of Warwick Economics Department, which is regarded as one of the best Economics departments in the UK and Europe.


Matthew Sinclair – CEO of the TaxPayer’s Alliance. Author of the influential book ‘How to Cut Public Spending (and still win an election)’ and  ‘Let Them Eat Carbon: The Price of Failing Climate Change Policies, and How Governments and Big Business Profit From Them’.

Ryan Bourne – Head of Economic Research at the Centre for Policy Studies (Think Tank founded by Margaret Thatcher). Graduated from the University of Cambridge with a double first in Economics, before completing his MPhil there.


17th January 2013, This House Would Ban Animal Testing – MOTION DEFEATED.


Dr Judy MacArthur Clark
– Head of the Animals in Science Regulation Unit at the Home Office
– Former Chief Inspector at Animals Scientific Procedures Inspectorate


Dr. Adrian Stallwood – Scientific Consultant for Animal Aid (UK’s largest animal rights group). Co-authored a major scientific report on charity-funded animal research for cardiovascular, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Andrew Knight – European Veterinary Specialist in Welfare Science, Ethics and Law. Fellow, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and author of ‘The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments’.


Professor Mike Barer – College Director of Research at University of Leicester. Professor of Clinical Microbiology and Honorary Consultant Microbiologist

John Meredith – Education Manager at Understanding Animal Research.


21st November 2012, This House Would Make Abstinence Lessons Compulsory for School Girls – MOTION DEFEATED.


Matthew Brinkley – speaker from Challenge Team UK, an organisation which advocates abstinence in schools without direct religious reference.

Local UKIP Minister.


Chris Bryant MP – Labour MP for Rhondda. Current Shadow Minister for Borders and Immigration,  and formerly served as Secretary of State for Equality and Minister for Women from 2007 – 2008.

Andrew Copson – CEO of the British Humanist Association and regular contributor to The Guardian and the New Statesman.


11th October 2012, This House Would Rather a Nuclear Armed Iran than War – MOTION DEFEATED.


Peter Jenkins –  British Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency and United Nations in Vienna (2001-06). Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Geneva (1996-2001)

Dr Christian Emery – LSE academic, specialising in Iranian politics and US-Iranian relations


Jonathon Sacerdoti – Director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy.

Davis Lewin – Political director at the Henry Jackson Society.

Good Without God?

Sam Burdock, Warwick Alumnus, Philosophy and Literature 2007-10.

I want to argue for the possibility of an objective and secular moral system. It’s not my intention to state what that system might look like, but rather to show that it is possible to have an objective moral system that is not inspired or authored by a divine being. By objective I mean that when we say something is moral or immoral, we are making a claim whose truth value can be assessed. Continue reading

Page 3 – why a ban doesn’t have to come from legislature

By Holly Moorhouse, Warwick finalist. 

The Page 3 debate has come to the forefront as of late, after heavy campaigning from MPs, feminists, charities and the many individuals who would just rather not have to see a woman in only her knickers whilst having their morning coffee. This has then equally caused a lot of backlash from those who love the Sun and its casual objectification of women, which has led to a kind of stalemate, where those in charge of the Sun are stubbornly not changing their position, despite being well aware that a large proportion of society have agreed that Page 3 is an outdated, unnecessary and potentially harmful institution. Continue reading

An experience in a Syrian refugee camp, South of Lebanon

By Mohamed Shanaa, Engineering graduate from University of Warwick

In August, I hesitantly flew to Lebanon to participate in the AUB Summer volunteering camp organised by AUB’s Civil Engineering Society in collaboration with the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service.  With various areas of interest spread out in the Southern region of Lebanon, projects included renovating the first Christian school in Tyre, fixing and setting up a public garden in Tebnin, a cultural heritage project in Meis el-Jabal, and the Sarafand project which I took part in, where we built an improved tent prototype for the Syrian refugees, whilst members of the Naked Wagon team engaged the children in various projects. This post serves merely to reflect on this initiative, and to take a closer look on the hardships the millions of Syrian refugees now face. Continue reading

Perspectives on Egypt: a first hand account

By Islam Abdel-Rahman, International Studies Postgraduate, University of Warwick.

Between entering Tahrir square under fire and darkness in 2011, and leaving Rabaa square under fire and smoke in 2013, my life has changed a lot. Actually it is not just my life:  the lives of many Egyptians and maybe the entire region has turned upside down. The changes Egypt witnessed, and this can be applied to some extent to the whole region, in the past 30 months is more different than what it has seen in the past three decades. When I use the word “Change“, I really mean it, and as a destiny, I was a part of this change. Continue reading