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This House Regrets a No-Platforming Policy in Universities

Date, time, place and speakers all to be confirmed. Watch this space!

This House believes that “The West” and Russia are entering a new Cold War.

The crisis in Ukraine has been going on for almost two years, and trade embargoes and tightening tensions are increasingly taking their toll on both sides, with a crippled Russian economy and increasing fear on Europe’s eastern borders.
Russia is showing off its military strength more than ever, while the Western states have kicked her out of the G8.

Are these just some turbulent times in usually strong relationship or are we entering a new phase of mutual distrust and military rearmament?

Come and find out on October 22 at 7pm in MS.01.
We have an exciting speaker panel lined up, which we will announce shortly!

More information on our Facebook event.


All public debates will be announced here and on our Facebook page two weeks in advance.







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