Warwick Debating Society

Warwick Debating Union is part of Warwick Debating Society. 

Warwick Debating Society is one of the largest societies at Warwick University. The Society been consistently shortlisted for the Best Society award   in the last three years, finishing third each time. Twice a week, students meet for internal sessions: training from the Training Co-ordinator, and practice debates between members of the Society. In these sessions, Society members develop their debating skills in a fun, pressure-free environment.

Both debating technique and content are covered – world affairs, political theory and more. Debates such as, “This House Would Introduce Gender Quotas to Corporate Boardrooms”, or “This House Would Not Form States Along Ethnic Lines” allow all our members to consider contemporary world issues objectively, from multiple standpoints.

No previous experience is needed in debating to get involved in the Society! You can debate in sessions, help judge debates in sessions, or even watch the debates in sessions until you feel comfortable enough to debate yourself.

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